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Welcome to Tajikistan

Assalomu aleykum are the first words which you will hear, having arrived to our solar Tajikistan. Hospitality of the Tajik people, high mountains, the fast rivers, the historical - architectural monuments also is dazzling a beautiful landscape from old times attracts tourists from every corner of the globe to visit Tajikistan.

Our services are focused on that the tourist has received deeper representation about a real life of Tajikistan, and not just has seen its facade as it is usually shown by the majority of tour agencies. Experience shows that the majority of tourists interests a modern life of the Tajik people (real Tajikistan) - a life of the Tajik family, work and the salary, shops and the prices, an education system health services etc. About which to tourists our professional guides tell, and which tourists see own eyes in houses of the Tajik families, at schools, shops, in the markets. Depending on a choice of the client the program taking into account its interest to history, culture or certain professional area can be made. For many years the tourism industry has not been focused on the client and a strength of our travel company is work of the skilled professional guides, ready to meet all desires of the client.

Such variety of the offered information actually gives a new kind of more quality service and allows to hope for success of our organisation. We promise to make your visit unforgettable on all life.

lakes Iskander-Kul Marguzor lakes Karakul lake Aloudin lakes Chukurak Lakes Kuli-kalon lakes Chali Char Chashma Kayrakkum Reservoir

Fann Mountains Song about Fann mountains

Historical places
The ancient settlement Penjikent Khujand museum Mosque of Shaikh Muslihiddin Fortress Hulbuk Khodzha-Mashad Takht-i-Sangin Ajina-Tepe,  Buddhist Monastery Hissar Fortress Great Silk Road

Khorug town Garmchashma fortress Kah-kaha The fortress Yamchun and the Holy spring of Bibi Fotima Kelis and Buddhist monastery Stone pictures of Langar Kisht and sanctuary of Shoh Qambary Oftob The house-museum of Muboraki Vakhani