Stone pictures of Langar Kisht and sanctuary of Shoh Qambary Oftob

The stone pictures began from north settlement of Langar and drawn intil south slopes of Shohdara range. The main part concentrated in the valley of the river Hangar-daryo (the right anflow of the river Panj on a 2700-3500mm above the feet of sea level) The quantity of the pictures are about 600 of mountain goats and other it is represented wild animals scene of hunting, horsemen, different forms of tamgi, signs circles, portrayed rubabs ect, pictures are dated in different periods, epoch of bronze 1 thous B.C. Kushan-Efyalit period until appearing of Muslim religions, 11-12 centure. The sanctuary of Shoh Qambary Oftob is situated on the territory of the settlement of Langar among population are many legends about saint Shoh Qambari Oftob.