Istarafshan town

Istaravshan is a museum city, the ancient center of trade and crafts, one of the most ancient cities of the Central Asia. In 2002 Istaravshan turned 2,500 years old. The city was founded in the sixth century B.C. by a Akhemenid king Cyrus who fortified the settlement by means of three wall lines and a citadel. In the second -seventh centuries B.C. the ancient sentiment Mugteppa was located on the territory of Istaravshan.

Khazrati-Shokh Mausoleum

If you ask any local resident who is buried in Khazrati-Shokh Mausoleum you will get the answer that this sacred place is the tomb of St. Khazrati-Shokh - the brother of Kusam ibn Abbas, the cousin of Prophet Muhammad buried in the 11th century in Samarkand complex of Shakhi Zind. This is the way the legend is told in this place.


When you take a look at city from above you immediately notice the light-blue dome of Kok-Gumbaz mosque-madrasah as if floating in the air over it. The building is located in the western part of the city and is named so because of its light-blue tiled dome (Kok-Gumbaz means "the Light-Blue Dome"). This 16th-century structure was erected by the order of Abdulatif Sultan - the son of the well-known scientist, astronomer and philosopher - Ulugbek, the grandson of Tamerlan.